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Cognitive Rehabilitation Training Solutions that Maximize Ease of Use



Planning and developing scenarios tailored to the user's characteristics

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corporate mission

We are constantly developing into a company that can always be a driving force for customers and partners with a challenging spirit that can always be repeated, including our mission, The First, The Best, and Everlasting research spirit, and we value the opinions of only one customer and partner and promise transparent business management as a business partner that can grow together.

research spirit

GL is always puts the most emphasis on research, harmony, and design with members. Every single idea that comes from every member is not important because of a single question raised.
When all members' opinions are gathered and gathered, from that point on, we start a new challenge again.

Memorandum of understanding (MOU)

We are conducting a steady database of dementia and cognitive rehabilitation for real patients with an MOU for dementia treatment and cognitive rehabilitation with Kyungpook National University Chilgok Hospital (Rehabilitation Medicine, Neurology), which is located at the core of Daegu and Gyeongbuk. It is also a cooperative organization that is becoming an important bridgehead for technology development for the next new product through constant maintenance and software updates and leading the rehabilitation product.

Healthcare , Digital therapy

GL is a company focused on technology, focusing on developing tracking technology, bio-signals, and content platforms based on virtual reality and mixed reality, and working with related organizations and companies to develop healthcare and digital treatments at home and abroad. It is possible to check and manage individual cognitive indicators through CAVE SYSTEM and MENTITE products that can verify effectiveness through various clinical trials and help improve and prevent cognition.

Idea – Technological innovation - Commercialization

All of GL's executives and employees have a virtuous cycle of technology development (idea – technological innovation – commercialization), develop a platform that can be applied to various industries based on constant innovative ideas and technologies, and strive for joint economic growth and continuous research by itself and its partners through commercialization, and are increasing their influence on technology certification and the introduction of related legal systems to commercialize new technologies at home and abroad.

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